10 Facts About StyleGenie's Fabulous CEO
It’s Monday and it’s a happy day because it’s the birthday of our beloved CEO! Get to know more about Abbie Victorino, the beauty and brains behind StyleGenie, the first ever styling + clothing subscription box in the Philippines.
1. She's a legit #girlboss.
An achiever by day, a high-flier by night. Aside from managing StyleGenie (and her other small businesses), she also works as a senior account manager for one of the top eCommerce companies in the country. No one knows how she does it, but she’s quite a pro at multitasking.
2. She has a glamorous background.
Abbie has a colorful career to boot. She used to do modeling in Singapore and Malaysia and did runway, commercial, and print ad modeling in the Philippines. She still occasionally does it, in fact, she was recently part of a viral shampoo ad. Did I mention that she also became a flight attendant at one point? Career envy!
3. She has an undeniable passion for fashion.
One thing you can’t deny about her is that she’s an expert on all things fashion. Abbie is also an international fashion buyer for 5 years now, this girl knows her stuff!
4. She joined prestigious competitions.
She was part of Miss Resorts World 2013, Mega Fashion Crew Season 1, and was Asia’s model representative for Davines World Style held in Berlin, Germany!
5. She’s a loving tita to her niece, Sofie <3
One of the many things she’s always delighted to talk about is Sophie, her charming 6-year old niece. Mondays with her would usually consist of lots of Sophie kwentos from the weekend, it’s adorable!
6. She. Loves. K-Drama.
16900411_10212288500114606_337352975_n If you find Abbie in a corner with her Macbook, you can only assume two things: she's either a) busy with her #girlboss tasks or b) catching up on #Kdrama. Her taste in food has already been influenced too! Anyeong, Kim Bok Joo! <insert her funny impression of a surprised Korean here>
7. She's a great new cook.
The new StyleGenie HQ has a pretty cozy kitchen, and guess who recently got into cooking? Some days you’ll be surprised because there will be food served – the delicious products of her practice. She’s a great cook for a beginner!
8. She has a relatable frequent craving.
isaw isaw2 isaw3
No one would even dare count how many times she says 'gusto ko ng isaw' in a week. Catch? We’re located in the middle of a business district so her inihaw cravings can be quite a challenge. Who knows.. a digital isaw business might just be in the works. *LOL wink wink*
9. She gets brilliant lightbulb moments.
Abbie’s a fun person to brainstorm with because she always has lots of ideas to share. Did you know that the concept of StyleGenie was developed when one night, she had a random spark of entrepreneurial creativity? The rest was history!
10. She's the coolest CEO!
What’s so great about Abbie is that she never fails at being a great leader. She motivates and inspires, encourages and empowers. The team is lucky to have her as a role model! Keep it up, Abbie!
Much love from the team! Happy birthday!
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