5 Hot American Fashion Trends That Filipinas Should Try

As an American who has never been outside of the country besides one quick 3-hour drive to Canada for one night, it was quite a culture shock entering the Philippines. There are so many things here that I have never experienced my country, but that’s a whole other story.

One thing that stood out immediately to me after 5 days here was the fashion. Korean fashion has definitely been a major influence to Filipina fashion with their pastel colors and asymmetrical clothing. Personally, I love Korean fashion and I wish my country would try it out more. But here in the Philippines, I noticed Korean fashion is more influential than American.

 Anyway, here are 5 hot American trends that I think the Philippines may want to try out!


Off-The-Shoulder and Cold-Shoulder Tops

I have noticed that some Filipino women have caught onto this trend but not many. Off-The-Shoulder and Cold Shouldered tops is America’s latest craze. I even went ahead and bought an Off-The-Shoulder dress myself last week. This style shows off the delicate collarbone while being modest at the same time.


Teva/Flatform Sandals

Teva shoes and Flatform (platform) shoes used to be huge a few years ago in America and are now making a comeback. These shoes are so comfortable and now come in all types of style that are super cute!


Sheer Clothing

I have not been in the Philippines for that long, but from what I can gather, most people are moderately conservative when they dress. This trend may be a hit or miss for some women here, but sheer clothing with a cute bralette is the latest fad in the US. To add more modesty, opt to wear a cami underneath instead. It will still look chic while keeping your body cool in this tropical climate.


White Tee

I feel like everyone has been so focused on every other trend that they left this essential piece forgotten in the back of their closet. Luckily, the white tee is coming back strong. There are so many different ways to wear a plain, white tee. Lately, everyone has been wearing them under their dresses. The white tee gives off a simple yet clean look that anyone can dress up or down.  



Yes, those black chokers are back! However, along with them are these dangly chain chokers that go with almost any outfit.


Now I get that some people in the Philippines are already on top of these American fashion fads right now, but I have not seen much walking around. These trends are super cute and can be easily incorporated into daily wear in this humid weather. If you haven’t already, try them out sometime!

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