5 Jet-Setter Packing Hacks for a Stress-Free Travel

From booking your travel ticket for your wanderlust adventure to getting a jet lag, and carrying around your luggage, traveling is already challenging enough without having to be a worrywart about looking fab while you do it.

To travel is to live life. However, we all are too familiar with the daunting task of packing clothes that show our personal style and maintain that easy sartorial vibe throughout any trip.   

Fashion is an integral part of travel, and no one wants to roll around a 50-pound luggage only to realize later on that half of the things cramped in it aren’t really needed for the trip.

What you need are the essentials that you can easily mix and match in order to always be paparazzi-ready like any celebrity as your plane hits touchdown.

Let’s live out of a suitcase with these packing hacks that will make anyone a jet-setter on the go.

Layover Basics

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One of the first things to consider in your sojourns abroad is the weather. For cold places, layering up your clothing is the key. Countries with cold climate tend to have temperature highs and lows in different regions. Dress like an onion. Feel snug and warm in layers then peel off each piece as the temperature becomes warmer. Layering enables you to mix and match your limited clothing items in order to have a new look each day of your trip. Clothing made of knits, wool, and cotton are ideal for travel because they resist wrinkle.

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 Keep your legs warm in leggings, skinny jeans, linen pants, cuffed boyfriend jeans, leather pants, or tailored joggers. Bring with you a toasty and warm wool sweater, shawl, statement or leather jacket, long-line cardigan, or your ever trusted sweater. Keep the colors neutral so that it’ll be easier for you to create color combinations. Pack high boots for winter weather. Use the length of the boots for your toiletries, scarves, and any other thing you can insert into it.

If it’s a tropical country you’re visiting, then dresses are your best friend. They are lightweight and easy to pack because they don’t take up much space in your suitcase. Instead of flip-flops, bring with you a pair of sandals. Not only are they comfortable for walking around, but they also give that lowkey chic vibe to your ensemble. Don’t forget your SPF, sunnies, and hat. Use the hollow portion of a hat for packing your other travel essentials. Lastly, be bold with colors. They look great in photos and always brighten up any scene.

Spice It Up with Accessories

Jazz up any outfit and give it that polished look with accessories. Travel with accessories that you would not mind losing just in case you misplace or drop them. For earrings and statement rings, put them in a separate case like used mint candy tin cans or a pill box so that they’re organized. Invest in a good jewelry case or roll. Avoid those tangled necklaces of yours by using a drinking straw. Thread one end of the chain through the straw and attach the other end. This keeps one side stable thus, keeping your necklace tangle-free.

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

Comfort vs. Style is a conundrum that arises when choosing the right pairs to wear for travel. However, you can still be stylish even in plain sandals. Carry with you no more than three pairs of footwear. Casual pairs and formal kicks should do the trick. Wear a pair on the plane so that you can save room in your suitcase. Neutral tones are your best bet because they readily compliment any palette. Choosing the right pair channels in your cosmopolitan spirit as you stroll along a seaside or wander along cobbled streets while strutting in your most comfortable but on point pair.

Little Black Dress (LBD)

The LBD is probably the holy grail in any suitcase as its classic style and color can perfectly match any pair of shoes and can be donned with any jewelry piece you have. Glam it up for a ladies’ night out in town, an opera or theater show, or a romantic date. Dress it down without looking shabby while strolling along busy streets, visiting museums, or dining al fresco. The LBD is worth the investment in any wardrobe.

Paint the Town Red

Be camera ready for your IG stories and posts with a touch of makeup. Plan your outfits well so that you know what shades you need for your face. Downsize your makeup kit with your basic foundation, waterproof mascara and eyeliner, eyeshadow, lippies, and balm. Transfer any liquid makeup you have in travel containers. Cushion your make up kit by packing them among your clothes to act as a protective barrier. Et voila! You’re ready for those photo ops in the must-see places in your travel.

Be in full throttle in your adventure with these packing hacks. Let StyleGenie help step up your fashion game and travel light with a top to bottom ensemble.

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