5 Style Hacks to Get You Through the Rainy Season

The formidable rains and floods are now here. But instead of feeling under the weather or being antagonistic because of some downpour, we can still sashay and turn the rainy streets into our runway by looking chic under a storm. Stay on top of the fashion game with these practical ideas that can make anyone feel as right as rain!

Donne Layers

Because the temperature is just so unpredictable in our country, donning layers is a practical approach to avoid feeling hot and sticky in thick and stuffy, long-sleeved outfits. You can easily put on a layer of clothing when the temperature goes down and take it off when it gets warm and humid. Complement and tie a look together of a plain top or dress with scarves, bomber jackets, blazers, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, anoraks, ponchos, and parkas. The combinations are endless and can add dimension to any dull outfit and turn it into a fashion statement!

Snug in Leggings and Jeans

Leggings and jeans give that casual chic and effortless look. Keep your legs warm by dressing up in leggings under a short dress, skirt, or knitted top. Pair your skinny jeans with some bright tee or blouse. When wearing these, make sure that you protect them with waterproof boots or cute rain boots to avoid the drag on the damp ground or flood. You can also opt to wear cropped pants so that the bottom part doesn’t get wet easily.

A Touch of Panache with Colors

Feel sunny even if the sun’s not up by wearing bright colors. Don’t let the dreary weather affect your mood! Choose at least one bright piece or a colorful printed dress or shirt and layer it with a dark-colored jacket or vise-versa. You may even wear a pair of colorful kicks to add some spunk of happiness to your overall look.

Give It a Boot

It’s very important to keep your feet dry to avoid getting any kind of disease from flood water. Choose colorful, knee-high rubber wellies with cute designs to add some smile to your look. If you find those too bulky, you may choose to wear flat-ankle booties or some awesome duck boots which you can carry along with you until you reach your destination. Avoid suede material because rain water ruins it terribly. If you want to wear your leather kicks, make sure that they have been treated with a protectant against water. However, if you really want still to strut in your heels and strappy sandals, bring them with you instead and protect your darling feet with boots.

Fall Under Your Umbrella

A colorful umbrella with cute design is your best defense against a downpour and your fashion accessory when it’s raining cats and dogs. You can also go under a clear umbrella in your colorful getup.

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