5 Style Tips to Make Your First Date a Success

He finally popped the question you’ve been dying to hear since the two of you first met, “Are you free this weekend?”

Bet this question zoomed you right to the moon and back! You answered him, of course, with a resounding, “Yes!”

Going out on the first date can make any girl blush and feel all the jitters at the same time. It’s the excitement of finally being with the guy you’ve been fancying about and having the opportunity to show your best side.

The first date is the deal breaker. From there, both of you will find out if you’ll go a step further or not.

And the reverberating question we, ladies, ask ourselves is: “What to wear?”

Fret not! StyleGenie’s got you covered on this very important event in your life. Check out these style date tips that would surely leave your date more than interested in you and, hopefully, get that much anticipated second date.

1. Know Thyself


You can’t afford to experiment with new and daring fashion trends on your first date. Pick clothes that can make you walk-in, breathe-in, and eat-in comfortably. Knowing what clothes best suits your body type and personality is something that will bring out your confident self. Confidence is not only attractive, but it is also sexy!

So if you have great legs, show them off in a short skirt or dress. Got well-toned arms and shoulders, wear sleeveless or off-shoulder tops. Endowed with an hourglass figure, flaunt it in a bodycon dress. The outfits and ensemble you can wear are endless as long as you know the clothes that can put an accent to your assets.

Remember though that too much skin can be a turn-off to some, or can make you look trying too hard to be impressive. Leave something for your date to wonder about and that would make him even more intrigued with you.

2. Pick Your Color Poison

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You want him to see you and ONLY you? Then come in your little red dress (LRD). While black, dark gray, navy, and pastel are the safe bets, studies have shown that men find red as the sexiest color on a woman. If the little red dress isn’t really your thing, then pick a red skirt and pair it with a black leather jacket, or paint your lips red. Either way, you’ll still get the same effect. 

3. Demure in a Summer Dress 


Bring out your flirtatious feminine side with summer dresses that come in soft fabrics like chiffon. This is considered as a staple for any date because it gives off the aura of being more approachable and touchable at the same time. You can pair your summer dress with heels, wedge, ankle boots, or a denim jacket for that casual-chic look.  

4. I-just-threw-this-on Vibe 

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So he asked you out for coffee. A coffee date is still a date. But in this case, your get-up need not be too en vogue. Raid your closet for casual staples like jeans, tees, cute blouses, or a shift dress. Pair them with Chucks, flats, or wedges to make you look like you just picked one of the first clothes your hands were able to reach for in the closet. 

If your date is a picnic at the park, come in your shorts and loose top with easy to walk-in wedges or flats. Wearing a skirt while sitting on the grass can be a bit tricky and uncomfortable.

If it’s a casual dinner date in some low-key restaurant, skinny jeans with a silk camisole top paired with blazer and killer heels plus clutch should do the trick.     

5. Less is More 

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Now that you have your complete get-up for your your best foot forward, remember to wear a hint of color with makeup that looks both natural and minimal. Do not pile on your skin layers of primer, concealer, and foundation that end up looking flaky in our humid weather. Avoid putting on those false eyelashes ─ simple eyeliner and mascara will do. Remember also to paint your pout with a peachy or rosy hue that isn’t too sticky because, who knows, he might want to give you a kiss when he drives you home. Lastly, be a tease with your signature scent. It’ll leave a lasting impression on him that will help him remember you even more.  

Let StyleGenie be a part of your most romantic night in town. Simply create your Style Profile and click “Romantic Date” as the occasion you’re dressing up for. You can even upload your dream outfit for your much-awaited date night. Use my code AZA8FL and get a 10% discount on your first box of style. Shazuums!


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