5 Things You Need to Know About Having a Stylist

The rise of fashion stylists in the glitzy world of show business is undeniable. Every celebrity we know has a stylist who takes care of their clothing needs, from their teleserye taping and movie shooting wardrobes to their TV guestings and red carpet appearances. But, before you think that stylists are only for the rich and famous, you should realize that even average people (aka us) can benefit from them too. Here are the top 5 reasons why having a stylist can be helpful for you.

1.) A stylist can help you build a powerful image.



Outer image is very important these days. Whatever your profession is, your clothing choices can affect how others perceive you. Job interview? Client meeting? Big presentation? It's important to make sure you're always well-dressed, and having a stylist will help you do just that.


2. Having a stylist can save you time.


You know what it is, #girlboss! Admit it, how long does it take for you to get dressed in the morning? With all your daily tasks at hand, choosing which outfit to wear (let alone shop for them) can be time-consuming. Why not just let the experts do the shopping for you?

3. You won't ever have to say ‘I have nothing to wear!’ no more.


Let’s get real. How many times do you say this statement in a week? We’ve all been there. Spending a significant amount of time in front of our closets trying to choose an outfit from a sea of clothes we refuse to acknowledge. There’s a “why did I even buy this?” here and a “but this doesn’t fit me anymore!” there – it just goes to show that yes, we could all use some help in choosing the right clothes to buy.

4. Your closet will be full of expertly curated, just-for-you clothes.


When you have stylist-curated clothes in your closet, you’re guaranteed that all the pieces you have are, well, wearable. Grab and wear the outfits that they pre-set for you, or mix and match pieces to create a whole new look.


5. A stylist can help you establish your personal style.



Be a style inspo! Have clothes that are perfect for your OOTD selfies and be the #StyleGoals of your friends and followers. Everyone loves a stylish woman! You probably can relate to all these reasons, yes? Well, there’s a reason not to anymore.

Thanks to StyleGenie, you can now experience the fun and convenience of having a stylist pick out your clothes for you. Create your StyleGenie Style Profile and order a Surprise-Me box today. Our stylists look forward to granting your closet wishes!

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