7 Style Tips to Help You Look Taller and Slimmer

We are all perfect the way we are, but sometimes we just want to look our best in our clothes and might not know how to execute it. If you have insecurities and have features you would like to highlight or hide, going to the gym is not the only way you can achieve your desired look. A good outfit builds confidence, and can create an optical illusion of a taller and leaner-looking you. Whether you have an event to attend or you need ideas for everyday outfits, with these tips, you’ll look thinner and taller than ever before!

Tip #1

Wear items that draw in at your waist. Pick out pieces that accentuate your waist and cinch you in at the smallest part of your torso, whether it’s a belt, fitted pants or something that ties around your waist.

Tip #2


Tie your oversized/shapeless coat at the back into a bow to cinch in the waist to appear thinner. A tailored blazer adds structure to your shape as well.

Tip #3

High waisted items raise up your natural waist and make your legs longer to elongate your whole body. Whereas low rise jeans may emphasize love handles, high rise jeans will suck you in and hide any unwanted food babies. Wearing wide-leg highwaisted trousers or maxi shirts will also highlight the waist and lengthen legs.

Tip #4 

V-Necks or higher necklines make you appear taller by creating a high focal point, and giving the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body, while tube tops or straight line tops cut you off.

Tip #5

Loose and slouchy tops swallow you and drown you in unneccesary fabric. Tucking and tying loose fitting shirts will flaunt the elevated waist, as well as belting loose dresses.

Tip #6

Monochrome sets lengthen the silhouette by creating an uninterrupted vertical line, while constrasting colors cut the torso in half.

Tip #7

Wear nude colored shoes. Wearing shoes that match your skin-tone creates a cohesive look and ensures your legs are elongated, instead of looking cut off. Opt for pointed toe heels or thigh high boots that extend your legs, making you appear taller.


It’s never a crime to want to look your best, and clothes make it easier to hide or accentuate your assets so you look the way you want to. At StyleGenie, we can curate outfits for you that will do both! Just fill out the Style Quiz and tell us if you want to hide or emphasize any features. Feel free to use my discount code NGHI4SG for 10% off!

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