8 Cute Guys Reveal What They Think Makes a Woman Stylish

Pay attention, ladies! We got to chat with some of the cutest guys in the Metro and they revealed their honest opinions about what they think makes a woman stylish. Read their interesting answers and take a sneak peek at what goes on in their minds when it comes to the most common thing every girl loves: dressing up.


Nash De Vivar

What makes a woman attractive? Her happiness towards her choice of style. A woman who doesn’t care whatever style she wears. As long as she knows how to fit on different occasions, plus the confidence within her makes a woman really attractive.

Which do you like better: a trendsetter or a follower? It doesn’t really matter to me if a woman is a trendsetter or someone who follow trends. As long as she can always manage to pull off her style, that’s really fine with me.

Define stylish. Stylish for me is being plain and natural. Someone who can always go classy and has a defined identity. Because at the end of the day, authenticity is still the key.  

Justin Quirino

Justin Quirino

What do you find attractive in women when it comes to fashion? It really depends on the girl and how she carries her whole look. Whether she’s in business attire, formal wear, or her PJ’s, it’ about how her clothes complement and showcase her personality.

What do you think about women who follow trends? Nothing wrong with enjoying the latest trends! Though, i’d honestly think twice about being with a girl obsessed with keeping up with the Joneses. Fashion is great! But heart is more important.

Define stylish. Stylish is an adjective used to describe approval of one’s preference of clothing.



Sor Oush

What would be the style of your ideal woman? Usually, the first thing that catches my eye is the way she dresses up and how she will set everything. Watch, heels, and purse are very notable. Accessories comes last for me.

How do you feel about women who follow trends? It’s not really necessary to be a follower of a month’s or year’s trend. Make no mistake though, being updated is different.

Define stylish. Stylish is the person with a high understanding of dressing up properly for every situation, knowing her own body type to make sure what will best suit her, and dress up with a sense of fashion.



Terence Lloyd

What would your ideal girl typically be wearing? High heels, jeans, and a tank top.

How do you feel about women who follow trends? I find it sexy when women express themselves through fashion.

For you, what is style? Style to me is being able to reflect mood, emotion, attitude through clothing whether it’s colors, cuts or accessories.


Stacey Balagtas

What do you find attractive in women when it comes to fashion?

I like it simple. Sunday dresses. I’m a sucker for girls who wear dresses. Doesn’t really have to be too sexy or revealing.

How do you feel about women who follow trends? Well, it’s up to you. Basically, you can’t control people on what they want to wear. Everybody should have the freedom to wear whatever style they want, for as long as they feel good about it.

Define stylish. A person who is not afraid to express themselves through what they wear. Cause sometimes, people get caught up on what people say, that’s why they stick to just being ordinary.

Matthew Ang

Matthew Ang

What makes a woman stylish? Her attention to detail plus the ability to be simple and elegant with clothing.

What can you say about women who follow trends? I don’t think much of women who follow trends.

Define stylish. It’s the ability to communicate her personality through what she wears without being too loud about it.

CJ Reyes

Cj Reyes

What do you find attractive in women when it comes to fashion? I find it attractive when they mix and match their clothes. Not too revealing but not too covered.

How do you feel about women who follow trends? I think following trends is acceptable because it depends on the season.

Define stylish. Stylish for me is not just being fashionable but being comfortable on what you wear.

Jonathan Wagner

Jonathan Wagner

What would your ideal girl typically be wearing? I like floral dresses. Something that reminds of spring or summer. I don’t like it when it’s too sexy. Classy is also good but not too much – I think it makes women appear too authoritarian.

Are you okay with women who follow trends? Well, I think they don’t need to follow trends. They need to feel good with what they wear. As long as they feel good, it can be something from 5 years ago, it’s fine.

For you, what is stylish? I suppose it’s when clothes look good on someone. But then, like a patchwork, you assemble several types of clothes that you’d never thought would be good together but then it looks good at the end. Like when i do a shoot for modeling and the stylist assemble clothes that i’d never wear myself, but then i end up taking selfies because i like the result.

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