Fashion entrepreneur & stylist Mona Santuele is ready to share the love this February

The love month has just arrived. Roses are all over and hearts are on fire.

We know some girls have been thinking of their special date-night outfit already. For the single ladies, we know you’ve been planning for the perfect look for your V-day celebration with friends.

For whatever season, it’s always been a happy feeling when we share the love — may it be to your family, colleagues, friends or self. We feel complete when we know that someone is by your side to listen, advise, help and list goes on.

In StyleGenie, we are celebrating February by making you feel extra. Mona Santuele, our featured stylist for the month, is a fashion entrepreneur and style expert who believes in the importance of self-love. 

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Mona is an experienced celebrity stylist and some of her clients were Vice Ganda, Heart Evangelista and Solenn Heussaff. On top of this, she’s also building her online boutique Lola & Daisies. With her passion for fashion, you won’t miss out on the stylish pieces you love.


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Mona, tell us something interesting about yourself. 

Mona: I have my own clothing label, Lola & Daisies and do freelance styling. My go-to style is classy and collected, but sometimes, my sartorial picks can be moody and can go adventurous. I also have a certain affinity for black when it comes to clothes!

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How did you start your styling career? 

Mona: Back then, I was just finishing my degree in UP and was looking for something I can do on the side aside from being a student radio jock. I thought getting into fashion would be nice since it’s fun & glam plus I love clothes! And so, I stumbled upon a job posting of a renowned fashion editor and stylist on Instagram. I had my first job interview during the Philippine Fashion week and eventually got hired as an assistant stylist.

Why do you love styling people? 

Mona: I think every stylist would say this but it really does feel fulfilling to be able to help people feel good about themselves. You project whatever you’re feeling outward to the people around you.  I believe that when you feel confident about yourself and the way you look, people will feel that as well, and it affects how they see and treat you.

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We know that you're also an entrepreneur and you manage an online business, Lola & Daisies. How do you balance life and work? 

Mona: At the moment, I am really just concentrating on managing the brand. I still have a long way to go for Lola & Daisies so there is always so much to do. My to-do list keeps me going and I make sure to update it more often so I don’t miss anything and I get to use my time wisely.

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What inspired you to put up Lola & Daisies?

Mona: I started Lola & Daisies when I wanted a side hustle. Since I have styling work, building an online startup was the most doable thing for me. It began as a buy-and-sell kind of business, but over time, I’m able to design and produce unique pieces.

Who's your favorite celebrity client?

Mona: My absolute favorite is Vice Ganda. I always admire people who know themselves well, their personal style included. Being part of Ate Vice’s glam team was definitely a fun and challenging experience for me. I’ll also never forget my styling moments with Heart Evangelista and Solenn Heussaff for a movie project. I find them really beautiful and fashionable.

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What's your favorite look when you go on a date? 

Mona: I would never go on a date feeling uncomfy. I’m a button down shirt and jeans (black/denim) kind of person so I’d show up on a date wearing those. When I need to take my normy look to the next level, I’ll just tuck my shirt whichever way I feel like doing, change to heels, add some dainty accessories and wear red lipstick!

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If you had to style one celebrity couple, who could this be? 

Mona: My current favorite Hollywood couple is Black Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Locally, it’s Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heusaff. Both couples look so fun and adorable together! Also, Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales are my crushes. I honestly think they can pull off any look. 

Since it's the month of love, what's your ideal Valentine's date?

Mona: Lol, I’m  actually a Valentine’s Day Grinch! For me, just being able to spend quality time with the people close to my heart would be nice. Getting to do something you both enjoy and perhaps, exerting extra effort to make your partner feel that you truly love and appreciate him/her on that day can go a long way. Delighting yourselves with superb food is a bonus!

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How can you share the love with our StyleGenie subscribers this month? 

Mona: I can’t emphasize enough the importance of self love through practicing  self care. I strongly think that making an effort to look good even just for yourself should take a big part of your self care plan. Hopefully, I can help in  guiding everyone in making their sartorial picks based on what truly works best on their body type and personality, of course!

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