Celebrity stylist Ica Villanueva shines at Manila X 2017

Celebrity stylist Ica Villanueva shines at Manila X 2017 With its exceptional performers and phenomenal stylists, Manila X 2017 successfully gave the youth the most musical and stylish experience they’ll never forget. Now on its second year, the event has been giving stylists the opportunity to showcase their skills and craft.

Ica Villanueva, StyleGenie’s featured stylist last December 2016, was one of the experts chosen to produce an innovative collection with Chalk magazine. We couldn’t be more proud of this woman! From celebrity styling to runway fashion, Ica shares her memorable journey in making the Manila X 2017 stage lit!

How long did you prepare for this event?

Honestly, 1-2weeks. I’m really a crammer and I believe that I work creatively whenever I’m pressured, especially with time.

Why did you choose metallics as a theme for your collection?

Well, Metallic fashion is a trend right now. It’s really striking and glamorous especially when it’s exhibited on the runway.

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How did you deal with stress in a project like this?

I’m very blessed to have supportive friends, co-workers and companions (special mention to the Chalk staff) who made things manageable. We just laughed off the stressful moments!

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How did you mix and match the pieces for your collection?

I wanted my collection to be fresh in the audience’s perspective! My instincts helped me a lot. I just made sure to highlight the essential fashion pieces and adjust the suitable pair for it afterward.

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Knowing that you have regular projects and this grand event, how did you manage your clients and time?

In times like these, I appreciate and value how understanding my regular clients are. My assistant usually helps me manage client requests. I just assure that these will be handled and delivered properly.

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From your Manila X Fashion collection, which is your favorite wardrobe ensemble?

Every ensemble is unique and personal to me. I love all of it but what topped my list were the customized shirts - it felt like I have my own brand!

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What was your most memorable and challenging experience in this project?

Securing attendance of celebrity muses was the most challenging as most of them have a tight schedule. My patience was also tested hours before the show started due to unexpected delays and circumstances. Nevertheless, these happenings just made this experience more memorable.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from this project?

If you are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, always give your best and itodo mo na!

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If you were to do another runway show, what would your concept be?

This is hard! (laughs) I want to challenge myself by doing something I’m not comfortable with… so, it’s going to be dainty boho style!


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