Cheat Sheet: The Pants That Will Make You Look Taller

While we’re all about body positivity and embracing all that we are, let’s admit that we sometimes do want to “enhance” whatever grace we innately have. It’s not a sin to want to look fairer, slimmer, and yes, even taller. Most clothes seem to have been tailor-made for tall girls while petite girls seem to have few options in the market. That’s why StyleGenie gives you this cheat sheet on pants that will make you look taller.

You might be surprised to know that most celebrities we see on screen aren’t really that tall in real life. But thanks to their clever styling hacks, they are able to lengthen their frame in front of the camera. Looking taller means choosing carefully the cut that would balance our frame and proportions.

Let’s take a look at some of the pants we can wear to instantly look like we were gifted with height.

Dark Skinny Jeans

Thanks to dark-colored skinny jeans, our legs instantly look leaner and longer. Pair skinny jeans with heels or stilettos plus basic tee or some stylish jacket, and you’re good to go.

Flared Pants

If you think flared pants would make you look stumpier, then maybe you haven’t really tried on a pair yet. Fitted pants with flared bottoms create the illusion of longer legs. Choose a pair with hems at floor-grazing length because they give the most flattering shape to your physique. The fit should be slim all throughout the legs with a waistband at your natural waistline. Flared jeans look great with a waist-length top or tucked in blouse.

High-waisted Bell Bottoms

Say hello to the 70s with high-waisted bell bottoms. Not only are they super trending in style right now, but they can also make any girl look slimmer and taller. Get a pair that fits well around the buttocks. Wear a sheer blouse, sexy top, or layered separates. For shoes, get a pair of banded mini high sandals, platforms, and wooden heels. You’re sure to live the free-spirited life with that ensemble.

High-waisted Pants

Find a straight-legged pair and throw on a cropped top to give that flirtatious vibe.

Tapered Pants

Tapered pants are another short girl’s BFF. Choose one with a cut at the ankle. In that way the ankle is highlighted, thus creating the illusion of a longer proportion. Your good ol’ white sneakers can complete your overall look.

Additional pro-tips:

Stick to monochromes because they easily lengthen the silhouette. V-necklines create a vertical illusion, thereby making you look leaner, longer, and taller. Don’t shy away from maxi dresses. They elongate your frame as long as you cinch them at the waist with a narrow belt to create that hourglass body figure.

Platform heels, pumps, stilettos, ankle boots, and pointed court shoes are your ideal footwear. Make sure that the straps of your shoes match your skin tone so that you don’t create a break in form. You can also do color blending-the heel color of your shoes should match the color of your pants.

Narrow belts are your go-to accessories, along with small bags, long cardigans, and small jackets. Cropped pants and boots that reach your shins are your worst enemies because they easily transform you to dwarf-size.

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