5 Types of Blazers You Need to Own ASAP!

Living in a tropical country like ours is somehow a challenge for us working women. Imagine a day where you prepared for a summery weather and all of sudden the rain starts to pour. It is totally a topsy-turvy weather and one must know how to rock the runway even so. So how do we turn our basic office outfits into something stunning and adaptive to this ever bipolar weather? I suggest blazers. Yes, top off that chic corporate outfit with a blazer. So what are blazers and how do we use them?

1. Monochrome Blazers 


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A one colored blazer can truly accentuate an outfit if you are into tone-on-tone and the basics or color–blocking.

2. Patterned and Printed



How about spicing up the usual trousers and blouses with prints and patterns to make it more interesting and capture worthy?

3. Boyfriend Blazer


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Want something for a change? Borrow your boyfriend’s blazer. Minor adjustments would help if you want crisp and a little toughness to your usual feminine look. Plus, we’ve read that some guys find it really sexy when you wear their clothes. Double purpose!

4. Soft Cotton Blazers



The ones perfect on giving a highlight to our usual Friday- denim day. Comfort doesn’t need to sacrifice style and our company dress code right? Haha!

5. Cape it or Drape it!

Top it on your shoulders and you instantly look elegant and professional. Plus, you get that Euro-ish feels while walking the CBD’s!

So if you’ve been thinking if the weather’s going to be good to you or not, you can somehow be ready by having these fashionable blazers with you. Don’t know where to get your fabulous pieces? Let Style Genie help you find the blazer and curate that perfect outfit. You can even avail a discount by using my code “TRICIA4SG”!


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