Experience #SeptemberMagic with celebrity stylist Janno Novenario!

 Do you always feel amazing whenever your outfit is on point?

Well, it’s most likely a yes because your style can do magic!

We do believe that magic is something we make and it’s inside us. This is why celebrity stylist Janno Novenario joins StyleGenie’s pool of stylist this month to let you experience #SeptemberMagic!

Janno is a well-known stylist of beauty queens and celebrities like Shaina Magdayao, Kyla, Angeline Quinto, Alessandra de Rossi, Joyce Pring, and other famous showbiz personalities.

He had styling projects with top magazines such as Preview, Uno, Spotted and many more. He also worked with giant retail businesses such as SM and Bench.


Janno, tell us more about yourself.


I've been called jack-of-all-trades by a lot of people since I was young because there are so many things I want and can do. My pseudo name 'Janno Styles' is actually an answer to the question: 'What does Janno do now?'

I have a big furmily - I've rescued and adopted 11 dogs. My love for animals make me want to put up an animal shelter in the future. 

There's more but I don't want to bore you guys anymore! 

Who’s your favorite client?

There's a lot! I admire the ones who are bold to try new styles. KZ Tandingan is one of my favorites as she is beautiful inside and out.


How did your styling career start?

I used to head the marketing team of a few retail brands when a reality TV show had a casting call for stylists. Being considered as the 'in-house stylist', I had a few photos on hand and I just gave the casting call a shot together with some friends. Luckily, I made the cut! This experience led me to opportunities opened here and abroad. It was overwhelming!

And now, I'm managing my own business of creative consultancy - merging two of my strengths, styling, and marketing - that is Janno Styles and Co.

What was the most successful styling project you’ve had?

Most of the campaigns I do now are for big enterprises and established events. If I were to say there's a project that has been a success and my styling was a huge part of it, I'd say it is the models who have started with me. 

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Back in the day, I used to help people who want to get into professional modeling. I've helped not only thru fashion but also by developing a certain look for them eventually becoming their brand. Image styling if you may call it that, I have had some cut their hair short, some had curled them, some had theirs colored, and so on. Most of these models have gotten into the industry professionally - some are even models now abroad.

Why do you love styling people?

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I like styling people because of many reasons:

1) For those who want a change in their image, we get to give them a shot at self-reinvention, a chance to start fresh;

2) For prenup styling,  we get to give the couple the gift of feeling like celebrities during the shoot

3) For fashion editorials, I get to create art and/or write a story through fashion;

4) For those attending an event or an important day in their life, we get to make them stand out from the crowd, giving them a confidence boost. 

5) For those who we style even on regular days, we give them a daily dose of good vibes. 

All of these create good memories! I always look at the bigger picture. 

In your opinion, how can style improve self-image?

Always remember that when you look good, you feel good! When you feel good, you do good. 


Aside from styling people, do you have other talent/s?

Not a lot of people know this but my first love is actually dancing.

My parents were dancers and seeing them perform here and abroad when I was growing up made me want to dance professionally too. It is thru music that I've known art, and thru art I have known fashion.

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I cannot carry a tune but I love music. I used to want to write songs too. I've written about a bunch. I don't know if they are any good because I don't let a lot of people hear it but those who have say they were 'good enough to be heard on the radio' Haha. 

If you were to do something crazy for styling, what would you do?

I've always wanted to do a high-fashion editorial where the models are hung from the tree or ceiling. It’s that creepy!

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