Fashion stylist and entrepreneur Chynna Mamawal got it all for you!

With a smile on her face and positivity in her attitude, fashion stylist Chynna Mamawal shares that hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.


From managing fashion businesses to styling celebrity clients, Chynna has proven that she got what it takes!

She's produced fashion campaign for SM, styled TV personalities,  and eventually established her own atelier. What a superwoman!



What’s a typical day of Chynna like? 

I am a fashion stylist and designer. Having both careers made me busy every single day. I wear different thinking hats -starting from conceptualizing styling shoots to strategizing plans until creating fashion designs. I love what I’m doing because it goes hand in hand. It’s actually an advantage as it helped me to be more knowledgeable on styling pieces.

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How did your styling career start?

I managed a small boutique that houses stylists in Robinson’s Galleria back in college. And of course, when starting a business, you will really be involved in everything. This is why I was able to experience the perks of being a stylist. Surprisingly, my clients loved the look I made for them. Unexpected things happen when doing business so it only lasted for two years.

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Because of this, I’ve decided to join SM retail where I handled and produced marketing campaigns for SM Woman and GTWbySM.

How did you become passionate on styling? 

I’m fulfilled whenever I see my clients gain their confidence through the help of my styling. I always believe that when you feel good about yourself, you’ll have a positive outlook on life.

What was the most successful styling project you've had?

These are the campaigns I’ve produced for SM Woman and GTWbySM. This project really involved major changes on the logo, styling, digital approach, everything. It was rebranding the whole look.

And because of exceptional feedback about this campaign from people offline and online, I’m really proud of this achievement. It actually became the talk of the town! I was beyond happy that my brands made it to the next level.



Do you have other talents other than styling? 

That would be hosting!

If you were to do a fashion makeover with a celebrity, who could this be? 

Selena Gomez

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What’s your most treasured item in your closet? 

My little black dress from Chanel. She’s one of my favorite designers. 

What’s your style advice to our StyleGenie subscribers?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles. Go ahead and explore. As the saying goes.. life is too short to wear boring clothes! 

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It's going to be a fabulous October with Chynna! So, there's no time to think twice. You know the drill. 

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