Get a chance to be styled by David Guison!

StyleGenie’s featured stylist this month is no less than the most stylish guy in the Instagram scene, David Guison!


David is a famous fashion personality who started the menswear blog DG Manila in 2009. He has worked with some of the big brands in the fashion industry such as H&M, Bench, and Tommy Hilfiger.

With his passion for writing and obsession for style, you’ll surely be inspired to give your wardrobe an upgrade.

Describe your style in 3 words.

David: Classic. Experimental. Playful.


Who are your style icons?

David: James Dean, Richard Biedul, Samuel Wines, and Adam Gallagher

We know you’ve been sharing countless fashion tips and style advises with your readers. Have you ever tried styling someone personally?

David: Yes, I did. The first time I styled someone was for a music video. It was challenging for me because I only know how to dress myself. Dressing someone else meant that they don’t have the same personal style/taste as me so I have to keep in mind what they like and don’t like wearing.

How do you feel about being StyleGenie’s featured stylist this September?

David: Being this month’s featured StyleGenie is really fun and exciting because I know my readers well. We love engaging through Instagram DMs, Twitter and even via email. They send me photos of their OOTDS, I give them styling tips and I love it when they share their tips with me as well. With this contest, I am confident that I will curate the best style box for my readers.

What’s the most fun and challenging part of your job?

David: I guess the most challenging part of my blog is to stay inspired every day. I know it’s easier said than done but trust me, you need it. When I was just starting, I got my inspiration from almost everything—from music videos, movies, magazines, style bloggers, etc. Since I have been doing this for 9 years already, I need to stay inspired to create quality content and reinvent myself. 

What’s your style advise for our subscribers?

David: At the end of the day, you’re dressing for yourself, not for anyone else. Wear something that reflects who you are. Make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing ;)

Do you want to get styled by David? Be one of the lucky winners of his social media contest! Check out the mechanics here: 

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