Get to know your stylist of the month: Yannie Tui

Style expert Yannie Tui has been curating the best fashion ensemble that will surely boost your confidence. Aside from being a stylist, Yannie also works as a lifestyle blogger and event host. He’s also currently studying in SoFA Design Institute to keep his passion for fashion alive.

Who's your favorite style icon? Why? I personally love Audrey Hepburn and James Dean. Their timeless style made an impact in the entertainment industry! Oh, and I’m also into Harry Styles’ sleek-casual style.

What's your fashion mantra?

True fashion doesn’t depend on the style or clothes that you wear! It’s really about the confidence that you carry when wearing your outfit.

Why do you love styling people?

As a stylist, I love the idea of surprising people by bringing out a different side of them. I usually blend my clients’ personality with my style vision. I’m always fulfilled whenever my clients say “You perfectly know what I want” or “I’m happy to be #YANNIEfied!”

What's your everyday routine as a stylist?

My daily routine is exciting for I do different tasks every day. Aside from my freelance work as a stylist, I’m also doing PR, writing a blog and hosting events. But of course, styling will always be my first love! I devote my time to studying the personality and current style of my clients. In managing their requests, I always provide them with a mood board that contains different fashion pieces that are suitable for their profile.

What's the most common problem/s of your clients?

Sometimes, clients tend to be hesitant on trying an unusual or unique look as they feel that this will expose their flaws. In times like these, I always make sure that my mood board is ready with alternative outfit suggestions that would meet the client’s standards. How do you curate style for your clients aside from their physical profile?

Style icons and fashion mood boards help me curate the perfect OOTD. It’s also important for me to know the event or occasion that my client is attending to.

What's the fun part of your job?

I always enjoy collaborating my fashion ideas with the client’s preferred style! It’s a rewarding experience whenever clients appreciate the outfit I’ve styled for them.

What's your fashion mission for your StyleGenie clients?

I want to bring out a side of them that they never knew existed! I won’t let insecurities get in the way with the clothes I’ll curate. My clients will surely look their best and be happily #YANNIEfied.

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