Hairstyles to Match Your Outfit

Forgetting about your hair is one horrifying mistake that can ruin an otherwise perfect look! Save yourself from committing fashion failure with these gorgeous hairstyle ideas. We’re taking cues from style stars—both local and international—that we adore.


Look elegant in a wavy ‘do.

If you’re wearing a lacy or floral dress, choose loose, wavy locks to create an overall feminine look. One-shoulder styles and plunging necklines can also look great with loose curls. With one-shoulder styles, though, you can also sweep your hair to the side.

Pile up your hair to expose your neckline

Outfits with interesting necklines—whether a halter neck or a strapless—need to be admired, not covered. Expose your neckline with a beautiful fishtail braid wrapped into a high bun or chignon.

Look flirty in strappy

A flowy and feminine strappy dress can look amazing in a loose bun or chignon.

Be dainty in a bob cut

Look dolled up in a bob: Twist a few strands of your hair to the side and curl the ends of your short bob. It’s chic a la Heart!


When in an office setting, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and remain dressed like a pro. And professional doesn’t have to mean boring. Even job candidates at career fairs need to round up their look with hair that says, “Yes, I pay attention to detail!.”

A power suit needs a power hairstyle

When you want to wear a tailored suit that speaks of power and sophistication, match it with a sleek hairstyle. Just slick back your hair and tie it up in a high ponytail or bun, then use hair clips and hairspray to keep every hair strand in place.

Go for the practi-cool look

Slicked back hair might look too harsh on some faces, and some ladies might find themselves looking drab with hair lying flat on their heads. So for ladies who want to stay away from styling tools, we suggest going for a quick and easy way to look smart in your office attire. Just pick a simple hair tie and gather your hair for a high bun, low bun or side bun. If you have bangs, just clip it to the side.


Even if you’re dressing down, you may still want to look presentable. Even casual clothes need a simple hairstyle to match. Remain stylish with just a little hair tweak.

Go easy on the styling

When you’re dressing down, it’s expected that you’re going for a relaxed look. Just spend a few minutes parting your hair down the middle, styling your hair into messy waves or using hair wax to scrunch up your locks.


Just because you’re going to the grocery store doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look like a human person. With played-down outfits, it’s safe to draw attention to your hairstyle. You can even put your hair up in a twisted half bun!

Our takeaway

Your hair can make or break a great outfit. If you’re wearing an elaborate neckline, show it off. If you’re wearing a floral chiffon dress, don’t hesitate to highlight the dainty look with soft curls. Just keep our suggestions in mind when you want to look great from head to toe. Need something dressy to spruce up your wardrobe? Get P500 OFF on your first StyleBox when you use my code: STYLEMEUP

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