#MarchInStyle with fabulous celebrity stylist Gilda Dangan
It’s time #MarchInStyle this women’s month!
You’ll surely experience fashion power this March as Gilda Dangan joins StyleGenie’s Pool of Stylists. 
Gilda, who have styled numerous Filipina celebrities, dashingly slays every work day!
She treats the world as a fashion runway with her really chic and trendy outfits.
With her awesome personality, some of her celebrity clients like Maine Mendoza and Lovi Poe avail of her service. 
Who's your favorite style icon? Why? 
My style icon is Blake Lively. I don’t know if everyone was able to watch Gossip Girl series, but she was a stunner.
Though she’s a college girl there, you can see that any clothes will fit her. It’s quite a story, isn’t it? She defines elegance!
What's your fashion mantra? 
You don’t have to always follow the trend. Dress with confidence;
show the power from within, it may be simple yet elegantly executed.
The power of the clothes you wear comes from your overall confidence.
What's the most common problem of your clients? 
I think it’s always a question of “How do I match this and that?”,
“What type of clothes shall I wear to make me look taller/more petite”.
What was the most successful styling project you've had? Please share with us your experience. 
I consider all of my styling projects a successful one.
I style different clients with distinctive personalities and preferences.
Every project is a challenge for me.
I do my best not to make everything similar from one client to another.
I help them show their power on the way they dress and carry themselves.
And of course, I see to it that it matches their personality.
Why do you love styling people?
I love styling people because I want them to walk with self-confidence.
They need and trust you because they know you’re an expert to it.
Thus, making them in power of themselves by the way they dress.
Talk about self-confidence!
What's the fun part of your job? 
I’d say, the pre-styling session.
After the sourcing, pull-outs, tadaaa!--mix and match time!
I get to surprise myself too when everything’s done!
If you were to style a famous celebrity, who could this be? 
I swear I’d do anything to style Blake Lively!
Yes, she’s my fashion icon. But I want to give her a unique fashion spin but will
still land on her fashion preference. Now, I’m so challenged!! 
What's your fashion mission for your StyleGenie clients?
Simple—I want my StyleGenie clients to be in their most fashionable and classy look,
feel comfortable and powerful in what they’ll wear. Plus, help them know what works
for their best assets and accentuate them.
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