Meet Jun Ji-hyun's Doppelgänger: Style Ambassadress Lisette Bendicion

We're always on the lookout for stylish personalities to lay our eyes on, which is why when we stumbled upon this lady who is the exact double of Korean Superstar Jun Ji-hyun (My Sassy Girl and Legend of the Blue Sea), we knew we had to learn more about her. 
Recently onboarded as StyleGenie's newest Style Ambassadress, we got the chance to do a quick interview with pinay model Lisette Bendicion about her personal life, her StyleGenie experience, and what's it like to be called the Hallyu actress' look-alike.

Tell us more about yourself, Lisette.

Hi! Let me proudly introduce myself, I'm Lisette Bendicion, currently studying in University of the East taking Dentistry — still holding on (laughs). I'm also doing part-time work which is my one and only dream since I was 12, modeling. My hobbies are sleeping, napping, and snoozing. Yup, I sleep a lot! (Maybe that's the reason why I'm still growing?) I'm the go-to type of girl and is a good friend. I'm the "shy" type — I don't know if you guys believe me, but it's true. I'm also a lover! So yeah, that's all that I can tell. There's not much about me to share.

That's a lot! You seem so busy. How do you balance your modeling career and studies?

Actually, I'm having hard time balancing my work and school! Basta kung may free time ako, I usually do my gigs.

Brb searchin for sum free sushi

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Who do you look up to in life?

My dad. He is my everything!

Do you have other talents you wish people know about?

Is sleeping counted as one? *laughs*


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People say you look a lot like Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun. How do you feel about it?

I'm very honored because she's the biggest superstar in South Korea! Who wouldn't right?!

You're going viral on social media. What's the strangest comment have you read so far?

"Kulang nalang nunal hawig mo na siya." (pertaining to Jun Ji-hyun) This comment made me laugh so hard!

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What's your personal style? Your go-to outfit?

Hmm, I usually like wearing clothes that's comfortable and sexy in a way that is not that showy. I go for chic style when i go to the mall, sweatpants paired with a halter crop top and a cap will do! 

Tell us about your StyleGenie experience. How do you feel about being a Style Ambassadress?



I was really happy and excited when StyleGenie tapped me to try out the Surprise-Me Box and be one of their ambassadors! I really, really, really love shopping online because some online shops sells more affordable clothes yet has the same quality rather than the ones in the mall stores. 

As a rising model, what advice can you give to other girls who want to better express their style?

Girls! Here's a little advice, your clothes speak before you do, make sure you’re putting off the message you want others to hear. First impressions are everything, and it only takes an instant before one is formed. Give the impression you want and don't be afraid to get judged! Be confident and just be you!

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