Meet our featured style experts: JP and Joden
It’s true what they say - two heads are better than one! John Paul (JP) Steven & Joden Paat, our featured style experts, have been working on different styling projects for SM, Philippine Fashion Week and Takatack. Their passion for styling is really remarkable.

From personal to editorial styling, the exceptional portfolio of this power duo will surely make StyleGenie customers excited.

How long have you been into fashion styling?

JP: I started doing fashion styling since I was in second year college (year 2011). Joden: It was in 2014 when I started assisting JP in his styling stints. Shortly after, I started to accept my own styling projects.

What’s your favorite styling project?

JP: My project for Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer! I was really happy to see my styling creations on the fashion runway. Joden: #MyStyle on is my baby! It’s fulfilling to work on a variety of fashion ensembles that customers will love.


What made you decide to start a career in fashion styling?

JP: I’m really into fashion and arts ever since I was a kid. To enrich my knowledge, I always read fashion magazines and blogs. Stylists Pam Quinones and Rachel Zoe served as my inspirations in pursuing this career. Joden: I discovered my passion for fashion when I was in high school. In spite of graduating with a nursing degree, my love for fashion still prevailed!

What do you love most about personal styling?

JP: I like telling stories through personal styling. I enjoy bringing different characters to life by dressing up life-sized mannequins like models. Joden: I love to visualize concepts in my mind and translate them into fashion creations. I’m fulfilled whenever my ideas come to life!



What are the challenges of personal styling as compared to editorial styling?

JP: The main challenge of personal styling compared to editorial styling is the limit that we put into it. Personal styling should still be wearable, socially acceptable and appropriate in whatever event the client is going to. Whereas in editorial styling, you can experiment and play around.

What is your advice for our StyleGenie subscribers?

JP: Do not be afraid of trying something new.

Joden: Wear yourself, be yourself and let your style speak.

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