Never stop exploring in style with celebrity stylist Eldzs Mejia!

Summer is already in full swing!

Have you explored your favorite destinations in style?

The sunny season is not yet over. There are still adventures to conquer and looks to uncover.

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This is why featured celebrity stylist Eldzs Mejia is here to inspire you to achieve your summer goals. 

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Eldzs has been in the fashion industry for 10 years and he has styled famous celebrities including Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Arci Munoz, Kathryn Bernardo and the list goes on. He’s also an experienced editor of Metro Magazine where he was able to produce exceptional covers.

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Eldzs, what's the story behind your unique name?

Eldzs: My real name is Eldric, I'm a 90s kid and grew up where text messages and language was just starting out. Everyone wanted to shorten all words and names and how you spell them. People started calling me Elds, or Eldz, and then I just combined the s and z. But I wanted the Z to come first, because when you pronounce ELDZ out loud, you will hear a letter S. Hahahaha!

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How's your daily routine like?

Eldzs: I’m always on the go. As a freelance stylist and creative director, no day is the same and I’m used to a face-paced life. If I’m not at work, I’m in Ride Revolution taking spin classes! Nevertheless, having a busy lifestyle doesn’t stop me from enjoying life’s simple joys like watching a movie or hanging out with friends.

How did you start your styling career?

Eldzs: I always knew I wanted to be part of the fashion industry. I tried to become a fashion designer because back then, there’s no such thing as “stylist”.

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Eldzs: From discovering and reading fashion magazines and editorials, I eventually realized that I wanted to produce and capture beautiful photos too. With this, I started collaborating with colleagues and friends who are also interested in photography, design and, modeling.

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Eldzs: When I posted my portfolio online through Multiply, I eventually got discovered and asked to contribute to a magazine. Since then, every styling experience has been worthwhile.

What are your milestones as a stylist? 

Eldzs: I would say my firsts - from creating a fashion editorial to making a magazine cover until producing for a billboard!

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Since we'd like our subscribers to never stop exploring in style this month, what are the fashion pieces you'd like for them to try out?

Eldzs: Try on different shades of eyewear! If you want to be daring, go for a bolder color!

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What are your top 5 summer must-haves? 

Eldzs: It would be an eyewear, a colored trousers, a ruffled top or skirt, a rafia bag and a sunscreen. Your skin is actually your best accessory this season! 

What's the style advise you can give to our subscribers this summer season?  

Eldzs: Be fearless! You have an excuse to wear your favorite bikinis or any bright-colored fashion item. Don’t forget to smile :)

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