#OhMyJuly! Feel fearless in style with celebrity stylist Rush Romano

#OHMYJULY! Are you ready for this month’s wonderful surprises? As we embark on another exciting month, wear something that gives you a fierce aura so you can anticipate at what’s behind any fear.


It’s time to be fearless with style as celebrity stylist Rush Romano joins StyleGenie’s pool of stylists this July. With a 5-year experience in styling, Rush has been doing projects for celebrities, TV shows, pre-nuptial shoots, music videos and independent films. Some of her famous clients are Maricris Garcia-Cruz, Frencheska Farr, Jonalyn Viray, Wyn Marquez, and Ryza Cenon.


Rush, tell us something interesting about yourself.

I am 23 years old and styling is my passion. I work closely with another celebrity stylist Rei Buesing and our duo is known as RushxRei. I hate long walks but I love the beach, I love city lights and coffee and alcohol. 


Who's your favorite fashion icon?

Rihanna. One word, FEARLESS. She's always about stepping outside the box when it comes to fashion. From street wear to couture, Rihanna is always runway ready. She never fails to deliver. Oh, and I also love Sarah Jessica Parker because of how she makes fashion fun and playful through her style.


What are the must-haves style essentials for this rainy season?

This season, you must not forget to have: jacket, boots, and a water resistant watch.

What was the most successful styling project you've had?

I believe that my most successful projects were styling for concerts, music videos, and advertisements. Despite the stressful pre-production, these projects further enhanced my skills.


Why do you love styling people?

It may sound cliché but I think I was born to do this. It’s exciting for me to decide on the fashion pieces that would best fit my client’s taste. I’m fulfilled whenever I made someone feel good about themselves through what they’re wearing.

In your opinion, how can style improve self-image?

Style boosts self-confidence. It reminds a person how fabulous they are - and have been all along. Lastly, if you look good, you’ll feel good!


Aside from styling people, do you have any other talent/s?

I love dancing! And recently I discovered, art directing :)

If you were to do something crazy for styling, what would you do?

I would create a look with apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. Haha! Kidding aside. I would style something that will bring back the late 90's to early 2000's vibe - something like a low waist bell bottom jeans or sequined/colored track suits with matching trucker hats.


How can you make it an #OhMyJuly month for your StyleGenie clients?

My fashion mission for my StyleGenie clients is to make them look like they're ready to walk the fashion runway but still staying true to their selves. 

It will surely be an #OhMyJuly with Rush. Now, time to start it by ordering a Surprise-Me box on www.stylegenie.ph today!

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