Revel in a life-changing March with celebrity stylist Joanna Garcia

As we celebrate Women’s month, let’s take time to appreciate the amazing ladies that made an impact in our lives. May it be for the good or better, we know these women were influential to the changes you’ve experienced.

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To make this month more meaningful, we bring you one of the most prominent celebrity stylists in the industry: Joanna Garcia.

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Joanna started in the styling industry really young. With her enthusiasm and drive, she was able to establish her styling career and work relationship with famous TV personalities including Nadine Lustre, Kylie Versoza, Mari Jasmin, Coleen Garcia, Yassi Pressman and the list goes on.

Joanna, tell us something about yourself. 

I could easily say the classic cliche that I live and breathe fashion, but in my spare time, I like to workout, cooking and painting. Traveling and going on adventures with my enjoyable other makes me happy!

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We know you’ve been in the industry for years now. What’s your most memorable experience when you were just starting your career as a stylist?

Wow, I have a lot! My styling career began when I worked as an intern more than 10 years ago — I was still in high school back then. I really started from the bottom and worked my way up. I’ll never forget the time when I got assigned to a morning show. I needed to wake up at 3 am and take on other celebrity, editorial or commercial projects throughout the day. It was a test of discipline, agility, and patience. My eagerness to learn and hunger for experience pushed me to keep the fire burning.

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StyleGenie is celebrating change this women’s month. Being one of the most influential stylists in the country, what’s the best style advise that can help change a woman’s life?

As a stylist, the main goal of my job is not only to make the client look good but I’d also want them to feel good. So, just be yourself and embrace your individuality and style. Take risks and standout.

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What’s the best part of your job? 

It practices my creative muscle and allows me to express my love for art in the form of clothes. I really enjoy my job.

How do you balance life and work? 

I used to be bad in balancing my time - I'd work anytime and anywhere (vacations included). But i’ve come to realize that in order to give your best, you need to rest, relax and have a life outside your work as well. I now make sure that I spend quality time with my family and friends during days off.

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Do you have a favorite celebrity client?  

Haha I really don’t play favorites and I love all my girls. I enjoy styling them because they are unique in their own ways.

What’s your favorite look of Nadine Lustre? 

Nadine is such a risk-taker!

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This has been the most talked about look that I’ve styled for her. A red velvet thigh high slipdress with a fur stole for the ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2016. Her hair styled wet with silver accessories and leather accents. 

What’s your favorite style essential?

Good inner wear shapewear. Trust me. You must invest in these things. 

If you had a chance to style a Hollywood celebrity, who could this be? 

That would be Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian!

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