Rock your cropped top to work

Cropped tops spell fun, flirt, and fab! Cropped top, also called a mini shirt, gives off that hint of sexiness because it lets your midrib do a peek-a-boo with anyone who is eye-candying you. It is perfect for a ladies’ night out, a pool party, or a fun day under the sun. However, baring your mid-section at the office is (oftentimes) a big no-no for most workplaces because it does not look professional, or so they say.

Cropped tops are also worth the investment in any wardrobe because they are versatile enough to be mixed and matched easily with a lot of other tops and bottoms. In fact, they are forever present in any fashion decade. If you think cropped tops are just for those with washboard abs, think again. A cropped top is for anyone with a free and daring spirit who wants to be in vogue even in the office.

To start off, pick a cropped top made of quality fabric. Choose one with structure - something that’s not flimsy. Because you will be doing a lot of layering to make your cropped top office appropriate, make sure that the size fits your body well-nothing too tight. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a roll of cabbage or a stuffed sausage. Let’s be bold in showing that subtle hint of skin that translates rebelliousness and sexiness to power and authority in the office. Ladies, it’s time to give our office wardrobe that added “umph” with these cropped top hacks.

1. Be the Trailblazer

Nothing else delivers the message-“I have arrived”-other than a blazer. Blazers exude authority and channel in the Miranda Priestly vibe as people clear the hallway to make way for your arrival at the office. People will definitely gasp, #slay. Send off the bold and edgy look as you suit up for your day-to-night wear with a blazer. Wear it over your cropped top and button it down then pair it with structured trousers or high-waist pencil cut skirt and heels while at the office. Simply ditch it as you clock out for after work cocktails in town.

2. Over or Under?

Layering is the key to making your cropped top look professional enough in any office environment. Pick a long blouse or a shift dress, preferably in neutral tones. Make sure that the cropped top is the boxy type so that it won’t scrunch up the blouse under it. Leave your long blouse untucked and pair it with structured trousers. For wash day Fridays, wear your ever reliable basic white tee or white button-down blouse. Don a cropped top over it with a pair of jeans, and you’re good to go. A variation is to pair your low-cut or open blouse and wear the cropped top under it. Make sure your cropped top is not a low-cut one; otherwise, it will look like lingerie. You can also pair your cropped top with a loose kimono top for that I-just-threw-this-in look.

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3. My Way or the Highway

Because we need to avoid flashing too much of our stomach while in the office, a high waist skirt gives that much-needed coverage for it while still showing that hint of skin. High waist skirts, in general, not only elongate our legs but also give that illusion of a more proportionate silhouette. To look even more sharp, strut around in a pair of killer heels. Take your pick from sleek pencil cut skirts to a printed or pleated midi skirt. Sleeveless cropped tops go well with flared midi skirts and give that demure aura without looking too casual or ordinary in the office.

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4. Charm the Pants Off

You won’t bore off the pants of your co-workers with a cropped top and pants duo. Give off that air of command by pairing your cropped top with structured pants or high-waist flare pants. Throw on a long coat over your cropped top for that beautiful elongating look. Because culottes are so back in trend, you can pair your cropped top with them, along with a pair of heels or wedges for that much additional height and stance. To show off your playful side, you can opt to pair your cropped top with paperbag pants. The top ruffled part gives your midsection that much-need slight coverage.

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5. The Cropped Top Co-ords

Co-ords are pretty nifty pairs that lessen our thinking time of mixing and matching our clothes because they come already as a set. You also have the option of wearing either just the top or bottom and mix the other half with one of your existing clothes. And again, make sure to throw on a layer over it to make it work in your office environment.

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