Rock your personal style with model and stylist Erika Kristensen

July is all about your personal style.

Style has become a term affiliated with different meanings and connotations. More often than not, people forget how valuable style is - that it has an impact socially, psychologically and emotionally. The power of style influences not only the way people will perceive you but the decision-making process we go through as well.

But worry no more! Erika Kristensen, our featured StyleGenie this month, will help you overcome these fashion dilemmas and make you appreciate your personal style even more.

Erika is one of the first in-house stylists of StyleGenie. She’s currently one of the brand ambassadors of SM Youth and she’s been modeling for different fashion brands for over the years now. With her deep love for fashion, you’ll definitely get the wardrobe you deserve.

Erika, tell us something interesting about yourself. 

Erika: I spend a lot of time daydreaming about which pieces to put together for my next outfit (laughs)

How did your love for fashion start?

Erika: My love for fashion started when I entered the modeling industry. I’ve had the opportunity to be working with talented stylists with different views in fashion. Eventually, I’ve garnered an interest on what they’re doing and realized that fashion is so much more than just putting pieces together. Wearing the right outfit does affect your confidence and attitude.

Congratulations for being one of the first in-house stylists of the brand. What encouraged you to be a StyleGenie? 

Erika: It’s been an honor! I really admire what StyleGenie stands for and I’m happy to be part of it. I wanted to make people happy and confident with themselves through what they wear, and being able to contribute to that by personally styling them is the best feeling in the world!

What’s your daily routine like? 

Erika: My routine changes on a day to day basis depending on what I'm scheduled to do, but usually, I start the day early, drink my cup of Joe and vitamins while mentally going through what I need to do for the day at work, and make sure that my agenda is fulfilled.

Who’s your favorite fashion icon?

Erika: I always rely on Rihanna and Zendaya's OOTD's when I need some fashion inspo! They're very edgy and their outfits have so much character!

What do you love about styling?

Erika: Styling challenges my creativity with how I have to create a whole outfit using only the clothes that are given to me, taking into consideration the client's profile as well. And of course, the client's positive feedback is always very humbling!

What’s the clothing essential you can’t live without? 

Erika: DENIM, hands down! It's a timeless fabric, it never goes out of style, and you can pair it up with literally anything! It's always a good investment to buy anything denim. I can't leave the house without any on.

What’s your style advise to our subscribers so they can appreciate their style even more? 

Erika: The best advice I can give is to know your true self - know what suits you, what fits well on your body type, your style preference, etc. because knowing yourself is always the first step to appreciating and loving who you are. Don't force yourself to follow trends or wear certain types of pieces if they do not fit you. Self-discovery in terms of fashion and being true to yourself is always the way to go. 

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