Rock your rainy day outfits with these cool sunnies!
Who says you can’t wear your sunglasses in the rain?

The season is not enough to rain on our stylish parade so here are five StyleGenie approved looks on how to rock sunnies in the rainy season:


Pair your classic cat eye that goes well with your pastel ensemble for that sophisticated look!


Coordinated fashion pieces are love! Match colored eyewear with your stylish top. You can opt for a round frame glasses if you find the cat eye too extra.


Protect your dazzlers with eyewear that shields it from wild gusts of wind. Suit up and blend your colors.


If your fashion style is leaning towards the edgy side of tumblr, try softening up your look with peach-colored lens in oval frames! Great way to balance edgy and femme in one ensemble.


Sweater weather made sweeter with aviator sunnies! Tip: the rain looks calmer in green.

As a special treat for you this World Sunglasses Day, your favorite style subscription and sunnies store are teaming up to bring you a treat you never knew you needed!

Buy any Style Subscription box from June 27-June 30 and get one (1) pair of Sunnies for FREE!

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