Serve some looks on Halloween with these costume ideas!

It’s that time of the year again to get spooky and prepare for your upcoming festivities. Because we are never too old to play a little dress-up for Halloween, we challenged our stylists Riah and Pau to create different costumes that you can recreate in your own home! HalloweenHere are the three looks that they have come up with:

Daphne from Scooby Doo

Daphne is such a big fashion Icon in the show Scooby-doo. If you have watched Scooby and the gang growing up, you would know that Daphne always wears her signature color: purple. May it be a dress or a blazer, she is always in purple. Create her look by wearing a purple blazer over a purple or pink dress or skirt. Tie a ribbon around your waist to accessorize. You can add a headband and a pair of purple shoes and you are all set to be Daphne for Halloween!

Halloween 2

Ariana Grande

Are you prepared to be an idol for a day? Get your inner diva on and be Ariana Grande. Create her look by wearing some cat ears, black crop top and black skirt with a high ponytail. Finish it with some long boots or heels and be ready to do Ariana’s signature stool pose to be able to rock her look. Halloween 3


If you work-out a lot I am sure you would have these items in your closet. To be a boxer, you can just wear a sports bra, shorts, a robe, and wraps. You can have boxers braid too to complete a look. It is a simple costume that you can immediately find materials for.

Halloween 4

Other than the ones Riah and Pau had recreated, here are some other costumes you might want to take inspirations from!

Velma from Scooby Doo

Mean Girls

Mario and Luigi

Hope these ideas had helped you find the character you’d want to be for Halloween! If you are in need of pieces to complete your costume, let StyleGenie help. Order a StyleBox now.

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