Start something new with celebrity stylist Bea Constantino
A new year has come and we’re about to embark on another adventure!
What are your fashion resolutions this 2018?

We’re actually off to a fresh start as celebrity stylist Bea Constantino joins StyleGenie’s pool of stylists this month! With her interesting background, you’ll surely learn how to feel good about yourself and be inspired to pursue your passion.

Bea’s has styled celebrities like Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, Ruffa Gutierrez, Ina Raymundo and Rhian Ramos. And not only that - one of her remarkable clients was the American businesswoman, celebrity and socialite Paris Hilton!

Bea, tell us something interesting about yourself.

Bea: I used to be a professional dancer and even trained in New York City, thinking that I would be a full-time dancer one day. I also took up Psychology in college because I wanted to become a neurologist after becoming fascinated with the brain in my neuroanatomy class. Well, the universe had different plans.


How did you start your styling career? 

Bea: I always knew I wanted to build my life in the Philippines. After my dance school in New York City, I came back to Manila desperately looking for work. Eventually, I’ve accepted a job offer in the magazine industry even if I have no background in the fashion world. I fell in love with styling and fourteen years later, here we are :) 

Why do you love styling people?

Bea: I’ve seen how looking good affects a person’s mood, outlook and self-perception. And through styling, I believe I can help people feel good.

We know that you’ve styled Paris Hilton. How was the experience? 

Bea: It was surreal and really unforgettable! She was so nice and smart.

How do you manage stress at work? 

Bea: I always have a checklist that helps me to accomplish one goal at a time. To help me worry less and avoid overthinking, I just keep in mind that I’m doing my best in everything I do. I also constantly remind myself that work will still go on no matter what happens.

What’s your go-to everyday look? 

Bea: If I could live in oversized Oxford shirts and ripped jeans and flats, I would be really happy.

If you were to start something new this 2018, what would it be?

Bea: I really would love to take dance classes again. My body has been looking for the movement dance brings for a long time now. That, and I would like to focus more on my wellness habits this year.

What’s the style tip you’d love to share with the lovely subscribers of StyleGenie? 

Bea: To find the right outfit, one must know their style identity and body type first.

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