Style Hacks 101: Keep that Off-shoulder top Off Your Shoulders!

Off-shoulder tops have been sweeping the fashion world since last year. With its sophisticated yet sexy vibe, it’s no wonder why most girls love sporting this look. But the hotness-dilemma ratio of this look is high. You girls know what I’m talking about, right? It’s keeping your off-shoulder top off your shoulders. Lucky for you, we’ve got the play by play on how to address this problem.

STEP 1: Get four safety pins and two elastic bands

These materials are the only things that you will need for this easy peasy style hack.


STEP 2: Attach two pins per elastic band, then attach each pinned elastic band on the underarm portion of your top. Like so:

This would create a strap for your underarms when you put on your stylish top.

Photo by IDiva

Image by IDIVA

STEP 3: Put on that off-shoulder top, doll!

Just put on your top like you normally do, but remember to insert your arm one at a time through the space made by your elastic band strap and the neckline of your top.

We hope this style hack helped you keep your fab top in place! And if you still need some help picking a stylish off-shoulder top to rock, feel free to sign up and make a wish!

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