5 Outfit Ideas That You Can Pull Off While Summer Is Still Around
We know, we know, The Philippines feels just like a burning oven that it is just so hard to function! Everything is so heightened to the point that we can all just stay in an air-conditioned room without the energy to go out and face the dreadful heat.
With summer still around, (no - erase that. Summer is literally right in front of us!) We know that us, girls, are having a difficult time to find clothes that are comfortable, fashionable, AND at the same time, can beat the summer heat!
So, we got ideas from these ladies on what to wear without having to sweat a bucket! (well, we don't wanna go out and do errands with sweat dripping all over our body, do we?)

You can never go wrong with stripes just like how Janina carries it!

My favorite go-to for great, refreshing goodness! What's your favorite flavor? 😍 #LiptonIceTea @liptoniceteaph

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Striped clothing is a must-have in your wardrobe, ladies! You can actually pair it with whatever you want, be it with shorts, jeans, culottes, and even skirts.

Camisoles are actually summer-friendly.

👽 by @patriciahenson

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Look at how Lexi wears it, just a favorite camisole of yours could do the trick to look fashionably dressed! It's like you put an effort into it, when you actually did not. If you're on the conservative side, just put on a lightweight jacket, plaid top or even a cardigan and you are ready to go.

Long flowy anything that you can even go straight to the beach just by wearing it.

minding your own business will seriously eliminate half the problems in your life

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Christiana could teach us a thing or two on how to wear this. Just find the right clothing material and it will all be easy-breezy.

The white-gray-black shirt staple

How I styled my plain shirt.😜 #ootdbyira (ok since a lot of you guys are asking... my pants are thrifted!💖🙌🏻)

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Well, if you are just as lazy as everyone, you can just wear it like how Ira did. Grab your keys and do whatever you need to do! We know that staple shirts are like heaven sent - you can look very artista in it; all you need left is just a baseball cap.

Going to hit the gym? Wear your active wear just the way you want it!

Ladies, let's take cues from Katja (which by the way is our Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental. Congrats, girl!) and just wear your active wear wherever and whenever. You can wear it while you shop, so you can tell your friends that you worked out, you know? Well, just not exactly at the gym, though ;)

That's basically it! Did we forget something? Well, you do you and kill whatever outfit you have! But, you can always rely on StyleGenie so we can just curate whatever outfit you envision! Just go to StyleGenie, register and answer the profile quiz, and let our stylists handpick the outfit that best suits you! The best thing about this is that you can have a 10% off on your first Surprise-Me box, just use my code: celina4sg :)
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