Taking dressing cues from Mother Nature
Inspiration can come in different sources. Some turn to paintings and social media for prompts. Still others find their eureka moments by taking in the beauty of nature.

It is no wonder that designs inspired by flowers and plant life have been seen on local and international runways for years. Although the designs vary, the floral print continues to be a wardrobe staple because of its refreshing and feminine appeal.

Like a cat with nine lives, the legend of floral prints continues to this day.  Let's see how you can work this timeless print in your daily wardrobe.

1. Go for match-matchy

Floral prints from head to toe? You bet! Let our your fashion forward side with this modern ensemble.

Coords are a big thing in 2016 and it continues to be one of the hottest items for this year. See how this outfit had a unified theme in that it did not look tacky at all.

2. Incorporating garden themes in the wardrobe
This 2017 summer, why not channel the bold and catchy playful feminine vibe? From trousers to dresses to blouses, floral prints in reds, oranges, and greens give out a contemporary twist. Pair it with a neutral or another print-- it's up to you. Have fun and experiment!

Valentino Resort 2017

3. Details, details, details

Okay, so maybe you are a wallflower or a minimalist who shy away from eye-catching details. There are still ways to incorporate the floral print into your wardrobe subtly. Draw inspiration from this uber chic jacket from the from the 2017 Valentino Resort collection.

4. Bring the heat on with the florals

Summer is around the corner so swimwear is of the essence!  Bring the flower power in the beach and opt for modern prints in cool shades of lavender, blue,  and pink.

Whatever style you choose, be sure to accessorize with your smile and confidence. Nothing can beat a well-dressed lady with a killer attitude and a positive outlook on life.

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