That Thing Called Streetwear and Where To Find Them

Remember when you were a college kid and like everyone else, insisted that you were not like everyone else? You were itching to discover and express your personality, which reflected your chosen scene or subculture. From this desire to be a cut above the rest while being true to oneself bore that thing called “streetwear”.

As fashion goddess Miranda Priestly would say, a belt isn’t just a belt. Nor is a shirt just a shirt. It’s a visual expression of the person wearing it. It’s their style and it comes with a story.

From an outsider POV, it looks like 90’s minimalism haunting us in 2019 with our wide-legged pants, fanny packs, and oversized cotton tees. But if they’re comfy, if you can spend a full day of hustling in them and still look “lit af”, then we’re all for it.

It takes a lot to look stylish in a plain shirt, but with the help of these shops and brands, we know you can pull it off:


The (hopefully happy) kids behind Sad Kids PH take inspiration from the trouble of modern love in their casual pieces. They offer shirts that demand a second look, with you realizing in an instant that you could be friends with the person wearing it.


The brand has a simple message and their name says it all. Thank You PH is a Bulacan-based business that has caught the attention of not just for its tasteful designs and colorways, but more so for reminding us all to be more thankful for small things and to be nicer to everyone. Who knew gratitude could be stylish? Maybe Ariana did. (Thank you, next!)

KLTRD runs in the same vein as Daily Grind and Killing It Daily. These guys are all about good taste and manners, as their Instagram bio states, but also about the hustling lifestyle millennial go-getters know all too well.


A new boutique located in BGC, Taguig, Case Study Atelier is a one-stop-shop for local and international streetwear brands. It’s a testament to the topnotch quality our homegrown brands have, that if placed side-by-side to imported goods, it’s hard to distinguish which is which. The shop carries local favorites such as Support Your Friends, WSH, and Case Study, its namesake brand, along with international brands like Rare Panther, Chinatown Market, and Vans.


Streetwear isn’t synonymous to shirts, bucket hats, and jeans. It’s closer to the idea of comfortable, functional clothing. Others are more at ease in skirts and crop tops and that’s just as well. Unique and versatile pieces can be found in Retrospect, one of StyleGenie’s partner brands.


If your style leans toward the playful, pastel Korean vibe, this is just the shop for you. Peachtie supplies quirky and affordable clothing straight from the land of Kpop and bibimbap. You can also get their comfy and stylish pieces in your StyleGenie boxes!


If you went through a Greek Mythology obsession phase, or at some point in your life identified with the temperamental gods and goddesses of ancient Athens, you’ll love the goods at Thy Origins--a brand based in Makati City that translates their love for folklore to fill the imagination of their customers.

These are just some of the online shops you can visit to get a taste of streetwear. There are several other labels that deserve people’s attention. If you’re hungry for more, check out Proud Race, Nobody Clothing, and Purveyr to name a few. Go crazy and find your style.

Still not sure where to start or have zero time to shop? We’ll grant your wardrobe wishes when you subscribe to a StyleBox! We’ll do the shopping for you and deliver outfits carefully curated by our team of stylists. Sounds cool? Use my code KARMEL to get P500 discount on your first StyleBox!

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