The Beauty of Circular Fashion

Linear fashion has been dominating the fashion world for the longest time we can remember. This means producing clothes on large quantities to maximize profit while easily exploiting accessible resources and energy with the downside of clothes thrown after a short period of time.

Thankfully, eco-conscious brands have been cropping up in the fashion scene to provide and promote ethical consumption that is hinged on sustainability.

Say hello to circular fashion, ladies! In a nutshell, circular fashion means that fashion products are designed with endurance, resource efficiency, non-toxicity, biodegradability, and ethical practice. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are created to circulate for as long as possible in the most valuable form. Clothes, among others, are not considered waste until they’re wasted.

So let’s all embrace the beauty of the circular fashion framework as we stay ethical in being fashion forward.

Minimized Waste

Nobody likes garbage that’s why we throw out all the ugly and stinky stuff out of our homes. But in circular fashion, every piece of clothing has and will always have a purpose. Because circular fashion dictates that our clothes, shoes, accessories, and even sportswear be designed for durability to assure longevity, we won’t have to buy new stuff regularly. This also means repairing when needed. We are assured that thoughtful consideration was given by the designer in terms of fabric, materials, and overall production so that a product can withstand wear and tear. Durable fashion ensures that it can be used by multiple users through swapping, borrowing, rental, redesign, and second-hand services. Lastly, longevity translates to timeless pieces that are in-vogue no matter what trend arrives in the fashion world. Whatever the season is, we can all still look chic in an outfit worn ages ago. Now that’s being fashion-forward with a heart.

Recycle and Upcycle in Motion

In the world of circular fashion, all the materials used in a product should either be biodegradable or can be used for upcycling in order to produce new products and avoid generating waste. Circular fashion states that the biodegradable and non-biodegradable parts of a product be separated, recovered, and possibly reconditioned. All materials should be utilized up to their end use-design for disassembly in full motion. Imagine your clothes and shoes, among others, reincarnated into another form like another kind of clothing item or part of a whole ensemble, belts, bags, etc. Again, each part of an item will be perpetually put to good use in circular fashion.

Use of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials

Clothes have just gotten an upgrade in circular fashion with an RFID to inform us, consumers, about the dyes and materials used in the production process. Circular fashion puts great emphasis on the use of natural and recycled fibers like linen, hemp, pineapple, organic cotton, Econyl (recycled nylon), etc. We are also assured that non-toxic materials are used in the production of our clothes. Extraction of new virgin materials is a big no-no in circular fashion.

Green Energy at Its Finest

Circular fashion uses renewable energy like wind or solar power while water and other raw materials are used efficiently all throughout the production process, transportation, and marketing.

Let’s all embrace the closed-loop model of circular fashion. It’s about time we disrupt the usual linear flow of the fashion world and redesign consumption while looking fab in clothes, shoes, and accessories that showcase nothing else but sustainability.

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