The Secret to Being More Attractive Revealed

You might have been researching for this topic on the internet a couple of times. Whether you are looking for love or just doing this for yourself, it’s always good to find something that would make you feel better.

Putting personal character aside, you can simply be attractive by dressing up and glamming up! We just need you to remember two things:

Let your own style stand out from the crowd


People will look at you everyday. Don’t miss the chance to make it worthwhile! Wear a smile and stay confident. Bring that red dress and killer heels to war.

Keep calm and glam up

Don’t let a boring day dull your sparkle. Your eyebrows are shaped to be powerful and kick-ass lipsticks are here to brighten you up. Glamour is the key to shine! 

 To help you with that, StyleGenie partnered with beauty  subscription company, SaladBox. By joining forces, women’s month will surely be extra special with the limited edition SURPRISE SALAD!

For only Php 1,399, you get two carefully curated boxes from StyleGenie & Saladbox PH! Isn’t that awesome? 



The box is available until March 31 or until supplies last! Shop for your SURPRISE SALAD here:

Use my code: rhij4stylegenie to get a 10% OFF discount 💜

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