These stylish office chics mean business!
Fashion means business. Dressing up stylishly for work will help enhance your professional look. Similar to working, you also need to find the perfect formula to get that fabulous OOTD at work everyday. And speaking of business, StyleGenie searched for the women who fashionably flaunted their workwear. Here are the office chics who qualified on our list:


Sam slayed office meetings with her stunning slitted dress.


Lissa’s OOTD is perfect for corporate catwalk!


Sarah flaunts a long-sleeve body-con dress to rock her first day at work.


A photo posted by Mara Gutierrez (@maraguti) on

Mara’s dainty look at work surely attracts a lot of clients!


A photo posted by Pauline Suarez (@polinapooo) on

Pauline gets professionally edgy with her classic pieces and printed blazer.

Do you want to know the formula to a fabulous workwear? Worry no more! StyleGenie is here to give you the perfect OOTD for work.

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