Tips to Up Your On-The-Go Style

Are you one of those girls who have the same clothing problem---you don’t know what to wear to work, a special event, or even just your night out with friends? No worries, here are five tips that will help you choose the right outfit before you walk out that door. Read on below.

Have a go-to piece.

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It might be that dress that you get a lot of compliments each time you wear it. Or it might be a favorite sweater. You know that you look great in them, (that’s why you love taking lots of pics on it) and it’s also comfortable. That’s enough reason to always keep it in your closet and use it whenever you will suddenly need it.

Make use of new items.

Remember the reason why you bought that lovely new frock? It might be because you can use it for date night or simply because it can go with your new pumps. Whatever the reason, it is always best to utilize new items as fast as you can, so that they don’t gather dust, plus you can also have a new #OOTD.

Prep the night before.

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Time-consuming? Nah! Think about the minutes you will save the next morning if you already know what to wear to your presentation? You won’t have to second guess on what to wear to your morning corporate presentation. You just need to wear that outfit and go out the door. Plus, preparing earlier can make your look weather friendly. Whatever you will wear, don’t forget to accessorize!

Clean up your closet.

Having an organized closet can do you good as you know where your tops and dresses can be found. Also, when you organize your closet, you might find a piece or two that you haven’t worn in ages and will be perfect for a dinner out. Moreover, we recommend that you put the clothes which you have recently worn on the bottom of those which you can wear. (First in, first out!)

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