Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas For Him & For Her

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! With Christmas tailing just around the corner, each one of us is probably busy doing all the preps and writing the gift list for the special people in our lives. Because StyleGenie knows how difficult it sometimes can be to think of a gift for our fashionista friends out there, we scoured the internet for these stylish holiday gift ideas to make your gift shopping a breeze.

Let’s get busy scrolling down in search for that perfect gift that will bring out all the holiday cheer of the season. Ladies and gents, let’s start shopping.


Slip Silk Pillowcase

Hollywood celebrities like the Kardashians and Nicole Richie, to name a few, are raving about this hypoallergenic pillowcase that can also protect sleeper’s skin from creasing thus, preventing not only wrinkles but also split ends and broken hair follicles. Say goodbye to a bed head upon waking up. How’s that for #bedgoals? This is the perfect gift for that ultimate beauty snooze.

Bag and Baggage

A girl can never have too many bags. Every woman should own at least one clutch bag for that dressed to the nines events, a satchel, a shoulder, or a tote bag for everyday wear, or that belt bag which are so in right now for that on-the-go vibe.

Lipstick Palette

Who could ever resist a set of lippies to get that kissable pout? Your makeup junkie friend would surely gush and get giddy all over when she receives a set from you.

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Bring in the Glam

To get that finishing touch for whatever ensemble you have, you need those nifty things we call as accessories. They liven up any outfit and make you a standout in a crowd. So give the gift of a pair of chic gold hoops, ring tassel earrings, statement earrings, layered necklace, or a stacking ring set. Any piece of jewelry would surely give that much-needed sparkle for any outfit.

Slingback Sandals

Let’s channel in Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex in the City scenes which are nostalgic of the 90s with these slingback sandals that spell nothing but sweetness. You’ve seen celebrities and stylists strut on these pastel and nude shades that are as comfortable as ever. Your fashion maven friend will surely go gaga over a pair.



Knitted Silk Ties

Help your man be a dapper with a knitted silk tie. You’ll solve his neckwear needs in an instant and make him look as sharp as ever.


They may be the smallest detail on a man’s outfit, but they kick in a lot of character by transforming any boring attire to levels of sophistication. To complete the overall power dressing with a bit of whimsical appeal, get a pair of cufflinks in quirky patterns that show fun and charm.

Bag It Up

Men need bags as well to organize their things as much as women do. Believe us when we say that a bag should definitely be under a tree for your best male friend this Christmas season. Let him treat it as his main fashion accessory.

Cool Under the Shades

Help him block out the sun’s harmful rays with a cool pair of sunnies that go well with any outfit he’s wearing and instantly transform him to a suave catch.

Pull the Socks Up

Whoever said you can’t give a pair of socks with animated designs? Bring out your male friend’s comical nature with a pair of printed socks this Christmas. A good old pair gives that hint of playfulness and fun in any outfit. Just look at how Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau livened up the IG scene with his #MayTheFourthBeWithYou socks.

Gift-giving need not be that taxing as long as the thought is from the heart. You can also spread the good vibes of the season by sending your friend an e-Gift today with my code AZA4SG for that P500 discount on your first order. 

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