It's time to be a conscious shopper

Nowadays, clothes can be treated like Airbnb or any of the flats or condo units you rent for a given period of time. Gone are the days when it’s just bridal, formal wear, and costumes you can rent. Renting everyday clothes is becoming a relatively popular trend at present. Well… why not? You pay only for a fraction of the retail price for a fabulous and totally stylish ensemble, which can include designer brands. Renting clothes is not a new concept as Rent the Runway pioneered this back in 2009, along with its rivals, Le Tote and UK Meets Dress.

Let StyleGenie guide you through this sustainable fashion trend as we present to you the many reasons why you should start renting clothes now.

Saves Time and Money

Say goodbye to the thinking time of wondering what to wear on a daily basis. You get only the clothes which reflect your fashion sense right at your doorstep. You won’t even have to go to the laundromat to have them washed or dry-cleaned after wearing. Just simply return all the clothes you rented, and the ones who lent them will do all the dirty work for you.

Adieu, Clutter!

Because you get to keep only what you want or return everything for that matter in exchange for a new set, your closet remains organized, and whatever that’s in it are those that spark joy in you. You now get to embrace the Marie Kondo by saying, “It’s clutter-no-more!”

Buy Without the Guilt

Oh, that awful guilty feeling after having bought so many clothes of almost the same kind and end up not wearing any of them is such a deal breaker! When you rent clothes, you get only the ones that reflect your personal style for a given period of time. Thus, you get to have everything without owning everything. Less clutter in your closet.

Share Your Power

When you rent clothes, you get to pay it forward by allowing others to look good and feel good in the same ensemble you have worn. Share the good vibes with that dress you wore when you got promoted, that sexy LBD on your first date, or the blazer you had when you delivered a talk. By renting, you’re sharing the same power you have experienced with the clothes you got. More importantly, you get to dress the role you want to play without hurting your wallet.

With this movement gaining momentum in the Philippines, StyleGenie Asia was quick to catch on this sustainable trend in fashion by offering you its VIP Unlimited StyleBox. You get a personalized stylist who curates your fashion style in clothes, which are then delivered to your doorstep. You get to keep the clothes that reflect your own style at a discounted price and swap all the other clothes you got for fresh new looks. StyleGenie sells style not clothes. So, say goodbye to the drama: “I don’t have anything to wear!”

Start living a sustainable lifestyle. Get your first VIP Unlimited StyleBox with a P500 discount by using my code AZA4SG. Shazuums!

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