You'll never get enough of these cute stylish couples!

Roses are red. Violets are blue. We wish this month is bringing happiness to you! While we are celebrating a #LovelyFABruary, StyleGenie did a fashion hunt for the most stylish couples on Instagaram. More than their IG perfect image, these couples made us fell in love with their unique fashion sense.  We’re pretty sure you won’t get enough of their cuteness.

Vina Guerrero & David Guison

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They are indeed a perfect combination with their chill yet trendy outfits


Bea Soriano & Eric Dee Jr.

You’ll surely feel the warmth of love with this couple’s fashionable trench coats

Steph Ayson & Jao Ong

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The glamorous look of this pair made us reminisce our prom nights back in high school

Chelsea Robato & Christian Busby

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Their cute casual look just brings out the sunshine in any given day

Carla Barretto & Justin Quirino

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Adorable is an understatement with the peculiar pattern of this duo

Janeska Margaux & Lucas David

This pair gave us a hip and cool mood with their matching hoodies


Take your couple OOTD to the cutest level! Hope their fashionable romance helped in redefining #RelationshipGoals

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