How do stylists pick clothes for the StyleBox?
  • For Men and Women's StyleBox, our genies carefully review your Style Profile before mixing-and-matching fashion pieces for your box. So be sure to update it so our genies have info to work on. 
  • For Babies and Kids' StyleBox, we'll email a separate form to get to know your child! 

What if it doesn't fit me?
  • We have a One-Time Replacement Guarantee! Instructions will be emailed upon receipt of your email request at
  • We take your feedback as a way to improve our Surprise StyleBoxes so each month gets better! 

How does the Cashback work?
  • We encourage customers to support the Circular Fashion Movement! If you've worn the items and do not wish to keep the items longer in your closets, you may return it to our HQ in Makati, Philippines and we'll debit up to 50% cash rebate.
  • See full terms and conditions for cashback matrix and return info.

Where are all these clothes coming from?
  • We consign fashion pieces from over 100+ trusted local independent shops and your fave global brands around the world. Our goal is to match their inventory with your style wishes!

How many pieces do I expect inside my box?
  • We have indicated the number of fashion pieces you shall receive per plan. Each box will contain a mix of clothing and accessories.
    • Jackets, dresses, and overalls are counted as 2 pieces.
    • We do not provide suits, gowns, bags, shoes, intimates or swimwear.
Can I order a box for someone else?
  • Yes. We have e-Gift cards available for the special ones in your life.
Do you accept Cash on Delivery as payment?
  • No. Since our stylists curate each box specifically for your Style Profile. 
What are your available payment options?
PayPal for debit or credit cardholders.
BPI for online transfers or over-the-counter deposits.
GCash and PayMaya via 711, payment kiosks or mobile apps.

How long will it take you to ship my order? 

STYLEBOXES are shipped every Monday. Cut-off for payments is every Friday 5PM
SPECIAL BUNDLES are shipped as indicated on the specific product page.
E-GIFT CARDS are automatically sent via email.

    What is the delivery lead time?
    Metro Manila: 48 hours upon shipment
    outside Metro Manila: 5 to 7 business days upon shipment
    outside the Philippines: 14 to 21 business days upon shipment

      Do you ship outside Metro Manila?
      • Yes - we ship nationwide!

      Do you ship outside the Philippines?
      • Yes - additional freight costs will be emailed after order confirmation. We ship worldwide via FEDEX, DHL, UPS or EMS.

      What is Shazuums?
      • Shazuums is how magical people say hello or bye, or simply the expression you give whenever your wish has been granted!